They burnt us to be pure

Their superstitions darker than their fears


In the woods we hid like rabbits

We ran beneath the shadowed canopy

And danced sky clad to the wind


Our ancient words gave us magic

Our herbs gave us the power to heal

Captured in the red firelight of morning

The purple skies of night held us entwine

The foxes knew us as friends

& the wolves howled

our names to Hecate


Older than God

Older than Zeus

Older than Ra


We are Woman


The earth turns

& we dance upon it in circles


Forever the same




Why is God not envisioned as a woman?


This is a question that has often perplexed me. In nature it is the female of the species that has the capacity to produce new life & bring about birth & new creation. But for some reason we do not like to envision God as a part of nature. We like to see him outside the circle of things. We prefer instead to envision him in our minds as an omnipotent wizard waving his wand and creating life & living out of nothing.


The earliest and most primitive societies worshipped female deities.


It was only much later that man found the advantages of having a patriarchal God.


But I wonder what was lost in the process?


My question for you today is:

Why don’t women rule the world & what would happen if they did?


Let’s take a look at our closest genetic ancestors. The Bonobos & Chimpanzees. These curious primates share 99% of our DNA. Chimpanzees live in a patriarchal society that is rife with violence & confrontation. Intruders are dealt with in a harsh & hostile manner & there is much infighting amongst the ranks. It is a society that in a lot of ways sadly mirrors our own: males clamouring for power and position & in constant conflict with one another for who can possess the most bananas.


Now let us look at the Bonobos. Scientists hypothesize that the Bonobos or pygmy chimpanzee came about when the Congo River was formed nearly 2 million years ago. The two sets of chimpanzees were separated by these waters & their fear of swimming. But the Bonobos on the southern side of the river developed into a matriarchal society. They are peace loving promiscuous creatures & their society is free from the hostilities of their aggressive cousins.


How strange that basically the same creature can behave so differently when ruled by compassion & not conflict.


Elephants live in a matriarchal society. that’s why they never forget anything!


& what about bees. One of the most productive & advanced societies the world has ever seen. A colony happily ruled by Queens. Take away the queens & we are left with drones & a lot of angry stingers. Put the Queens back in and we get lots & lots of yummy honey & violet crumble bars.


Which would you rather??? A No Brainer, really!


& then there is the humble jellyfish, thought by many people to be asexual. But scientists have just discovered that male & female jellyfish do exist. It’s just that when the usually flaccid male jellyfish becomes aroused they tend to sink to the bottom of the ocean & drown; thus leaving the female jellyfish to happily float about on top. Actually, I just made that one up, but really what’s a jellyfish going to do with a penis anyway???


So, that’s about it from me. I feel I have well & truly proved my point. Women are by far the greater species. More advanced in every way than their hairy & brutish counterparts. Without them men would still be living in trees & playing with their own bananas!


Who would dare not agree with me…especially today


Happy Mother’s Day xx



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