Leaves Meander From The Trees



 I love autumn.

It’s such a glorious time of year.  

I love the smell. I love the touch. I love the feel.

I lose myself within a patchwork world of oranges, yellows & reds.

I love these colours. They smother me with their brilliance.

They encompass me with their warmth. A warmth not born of the sun,

 but of open hearth fires, steaming bowls of soup & warm toasty blankets.

This time of year always makes me feel like a kid again.

 It brings to mind memories of walking home from school & marvelling

at the changing leaves of the Chinese tallowwoods that lined our street.

In visions of my childhood they are like fireworks blistering the silver sky.


My question for you is this:

Why is it that only animals and small children understand the glory of

rolling around unabashedly in autumn leaves?


The answer:

We never lose magic, we only take it away from ourselves.




  1. Bec
    Mar 29, 2012

    Love the blog tp scanlon – beautiful work!

    • the poet scanlon
      Mar 29, 2012

      thanks bec. my 1st comment. how exciting!! very glad to have u guys along for the ride xx

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