Asterion Youtube Video



I always planned to do something like this for Asterion. It’s one of those poems that really comes to life when you read it aloud. Nothing like a bit of oxygen to get the fire going! Also it was kind of cool getting a chance to play the brooding bovine prince. We shot this over the weekend & had a bit of a laugh whilst doing it. although I think I nearly gave my dad & my dear old nan a heart attack when I showed my family an advanced screening on Saturday night. they don’t hear too well at the best of times. all dad heard were the parts about bestiality & nan thought I was just naked in a bull mask. which was kinda true! she looked quite shaken by the whole affair. lol! actually it was pretty funny. my sister & my wife thought it was hilarious!! hope you enjoy xx


but…be Warned!! The subconscious mind is a strange labyrinth. a winding waterway of dark & twisting streams. watch this more than three times & The Minotaur may find you in your dreams…




  1. Mzjaygee
    Apr 9, 2012

    Crazy, insane madness!! I love it!!

    • the poet scanlon
      Apr 9, 2012

      ha ha! lock me up in a labyrinth & throw away the key! glad u like it. thanks.

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